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Tourism  is one of the fastest growing industries in the world that has affected the world differently. Every year, millions travel to different areas of their homes for a variety of reasons, such as seeing attractions. Tourists travel in different ways to see the different parts of the world. The tourism industry is not limited to visiting attractions, but it has a wide variety of industries that are developing around the world. Tourism is growing so that even very remote and inaccessible places can be turned into attractions that people tend to go to there.

No matter what purpose you have. Journey to different places has always been attractive to people. Tourism as a concept has gone a long way to this day and this activity has been divided into different types. With the advent of the infrastructure of the tourism industry and the competitive atmosphere between the regions, companies and ..., every day we see new ideas and concepts in this industry. Today, various types of tourism are going to be tangible to tourists with different needs and tastes. That's why it seems that the more things are going to happen, the different things are added to this industry. However, today there are many different types of tourism industry in which this section introduces some of the most important ones.

Adventure travel adventure is also a kind of industry that is very popular among adventurers and those who are always looking for exciting things. In order to be a tourist of this type, you need to be risk averse and do different sports exercises. In general, adventure tourists continue to work in difficult activities, such as climbing, hiking in the desert, bungie jumping, diving, flying with paragliding, zipper linen, rock climbing, and so on.

The World Tourism Organization (WTO) offers a definition of tourism that is defined by the International Association of Scientific Experts on Different Tourism (AIEST). While AIEST does not link tourism to income-related activities, the World Tourism Organization thinks the opposite. According to them, "Tourism includes activities that travel people in places beyond their usual environment, which will not last for more than a year. The goals of these trips can be for leisure, business and other purposes. " Common activities that include business tourism can be called attendance at meetings, conferences and seminars, visiting trade fairs, etc.

Cultural tourism is involved with the culture of a particular country or region. The concept of cultural tourism comes from cases such as the history of a particular region, the lifestyles of individuals in a particular geographic location, architecture, traditions, religions, festivals, foods, and so on. Cultural tourism activities in urban areas may include visits to museums, theaters, art galleries, and so on. Visiting rural areas, such as indigenous cultural communities, and experiencing the traditions, lifestyles and values ​​of a community are also part of this category. Pope cultural tourism is also one of its main subsets, including traveling to places and viewing literary works, television series and cinema.

One of the many types of ecotourism tourism is the very wide category of which is associated with a responsible journey to nature, the local community, and so on. This type of tourism involves traveling to places where the main attraction of plants and animals, natural or artificial formations, and the areas of the life of indigenous and local communities. Ecotourism also covers the concepts of geotourism and wildlife tourism. The main idea behind this type of trip is that tourists, besides destroying a gravity or natural environment, should be useful to it and help grow it.

 food tourism includes experiencing local and traditional food of a particular country, region, city or village. It is worth noting that although eating along other trips and various types of tourism is natural, food tourism is only held for the benefit of the culinary culture. Today, with the general growth of tourism, this subset has also been greatly expanded. The popular destinations of this type of tourism are Italy, France and Mexico.

Health tourism is referred to patients who need to travel to a place to be treated. The common therapies sought after by health tourism patients include treatment for certain genetic disorders and specialized surgeries, such as cosmetic surgeries, and so on. Some people are also looking for psychiatric treatment and alternative therapies, traveling to places that are embedded in them, very relaxed and under the supervision of psychiatrists.

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